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Who can get a library card?

The North Miami Beach Public Library welcomes patrons from all over our county! Refer to the table below for information about different card types:

Resident Library Cards Reciprocal Borrowing Library Cards Non-Resident Library Cards

Residents are patrons who live within the municipal boundaries of the city of North Miami Beach.

Residents may request a free library card at any time by showing a valid photo ID and proof of address.

Resident library cards remain active for two years, after which point the patron must visit the library and show ID again in order to renew the account.

Reciprocal Borrowers are patrons who live within the boundaries of the Miami-Dade Public Library's taxing district*, or who reside in the cities of Hialeah or North Miami.

Reciprocal Borrowers may request a free library card at any time by showing a valid photo ID and proof of address.

Reciprocal library cards remain active for one year, after which point the patron must visit the library and show ID again in order to renew the account.

Non-Residents are patrons who live anywhere other than the areas listed for Residents and Reciprocal Borrowers.

Non-Residents may purchase a year-long library card for $30.00, or a three-month card for $12.00, by visiting the library and showing a valid photo ID.

Non-Residents are welcome to renew their library cards at any time by visiting the library and showing their ID.

*Residents of Bal Harbour, Homestead, Miami Shores, and Surfside are considered Non-Residents due to borrowing agreements.

Patrons with children are welcome to apply for cards for any child age 5 or older; children’s cards are linked to their parent’s or guardian’s account and will remain so until they reach the age of 16.

How do I apply for a library card?

To apply in person, you must present a valid photo identification and proof of your current address in order to obtain a library card. Patrons of less than 13 years of age must have a parent or guardian present.

Valid forms of ID include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • School or employee photo IDs

Valid proof of address items include:

  • Lease or rental agreement for the address
  • Utility or other bill listing the address
  • Piece of mail addressed to you at the address

To apply online, you may access our online application to register for a card on the go or from the comfort of your own home. This card will be good for a period of 30 days, during which time you may access all the Library’s online resources, such as eBooks or online videos, from home. After the 30 days have passed, you will need to come to the Library to present identification and be confirmed as a cardholder.

What is my PIN/Password?

All Library accounts are initially set to use the last four digits of your phone number as your PIN (for example, if your phone number was 305-123-4567, your PIN would be 4567).

If you have forgotten or wish to change your PIN, log into your account and click the down arrow next to Account Settings in the lefthand column. Choose Reset PIN/Password to instantly update to a new PIN of your choice. If you would like staff to change your PIN for you or you do not have access to your online account, you must present your ID to Library staff in person so that they can reset it for you manually.

How do I renew my card?

Renewed library card accounts will remain active for a two‑year period for North Miami Beach residents and a one-year period for reciprocal and non-resident borrowers. Cardholders are required to visit the library and show photo ID and proof of address to renew their cards. Cardholders must also pay any outstanding balances on their accounts before renewal.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your library card, please visit or call the library in order to deactivate your old card and receive a new one. Replacement cards are $3.00 each and can be obtained at the front desk.

What if my card is stolen?

A stolen library card should be reported immediately in order for the Library to deactivate the card and to prevent unauthorized use. The replacement card fee can be waived for those who present a police report or other documentation showing that the card was stolen.

How long can I keep my items?

All items are checked out for 28 days, and will automatically renew for another 28 days at the end of this time if not returned. If you wish to renew an eligible item again, you will need to do so by calling the library with your library card number, visiting the front desk with your card or ID, or logging into your online account. 

To renew a book online, log into your account and click on Checked Out Titles in the lefthand column. Choose Loans, then click the Renew Loan button next to each item you would like to have renewed. You will also be able to view how many times you have already renewed the item, and how many times you can do so again. If you have already renewed an item the maximum number of times allowed, you will be unable to do so online.

How long can I keep digital items?

The Library subscribes to more than one digital resource, each of which have their own rules for how and when items may be renewed. As a general rule of thumb, ebooks and eaudiobooks can only be renewed if no other patrons have placed a hold on them. If you are unsure, call or come in and ask one of our friendly staff members for help!

Do you charge fees if I return an item late?

No! The North Miami Beach Public Library does not charge late fees. However, if an item is more than 10 days overdue, the Library will assume that it is lost and will charge your account its replacement fee.

I just checked out/renewed/returned some items. Why don't I see the changes in my online account?

It takes about five minutes for our system to update and show new checkouts, returns, and renewals in your account. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page, and you should see that the changes have taken place!

What if I accidentally lose or damage an item?

If you lose an item, the Library will charge you the replacement cost of that item; you can see those charges and their amounts in your online account, or call or come into the Library to ask staff for your account status. The replacement cost is the amount that it would cost for the Library to replace the lost item, along with a $5.00 processing fee.

If you damage an item, feel free to bring it back into the Library; if the damage is minor, we may be able to repair and continue to use the item at librarian discretion. If not, you will be charged for the item's replacement cost.

What if I thought I lost something, but then I found it again later?

That’s great! If you find a lost item, please return it to the Library; any outstanding charges on your account to replace that item will be removed. Since we don’t charge late fees, it’s never too late to bring that orphaned book back!

Are my library records and usage confidential?

Yes. The North Miami Beach Public Library is a municipal government institution and therefore follows all applicable privacy laws. Florida Statute 257.261 provides that all registration and circulation records of every public library shall be confidential information. This information can only be given to properly identified cardholders. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside the library nor with any other entity.

Please note that this means that we are not able to disclose your information to others, including family members and friends, who are not accompanied by you, and that we must ask for ID or your library card number whenever you request information from or changes to your library account.

Do you keep track of what I read?

For privacy reasons, the Library does not track what anyone of any age checks out, reads, or accesses. The Library tracks how many times its items and resources are used, but does not attach anyone’s name or personal information to those numbers.

While this means that your information can never be accessed from our records by anyone including staff, it also means that the Library does not maintain a list of your previous checkouts to refer to. If you would like a record of your past checkouts, you can opt into one by logging into your online account and clicking on Reading History in the lefthand column; click the Start Recording My Reading History button to begin to keep track of your checkouts. You may turn this feature off any time in the same place; if you do, all of your checkout history will be permanently deleted.

May I bring food or snacks to the library?

No, food or snacks are not permitted at the public facility. Library visitors may bring in drinks that are in twist top bottles. No paper cups or open-top cans or containers are permitted inside the library at any time.

Does the library have lockers or some other way to store my things?

The Library does not have lockers or storage areas. All property must be secured and is the responsibility of its owner at all times. The Library is a public facility and is not responsible for items left unattended.

One personal bag may be brought in as long as it fits under your chair or on your lap; oversized bags or large items such as suitcases and foot lockers that take up more space are not permitted. Bags cannot be placed on the floor where they may impede access or use of space for others.

How do I join library classes and programs?

Most classes are freely available to everyone in the advertised age group in the order of arrival - come on in and we'll be excited to see you! From time to time we may require registrations for classes with limited seating or materials; this will be indicated on the online calendar and on any advertising materials along with the information to complete process.

In the rare event that a program includes a charge (usually for materials), this will be advertised in advance on flyers and the Library website.

Do you have programs to assist new immigrants, community members, or non-English speakers?

Yes! The Library hosts programs that assist with language development, the United States Citizenship Preparation Class, and other related topics. Reach out to us for more information about what's coming up soon!

How can I support the Library?

Library users are encouraged to support library programming by joining the Friends of the North Miami Beach Library and their fundraising efforts on behalf of the Library.  Parties interested in further involvement may reach out to the city's Library Advisory Board, or take a look at our Get Involved page!