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Welcome to the Homework Help Center! No matter what age or grade, the Library can help make learning fun!

Math Resources

Practice math problems, solve puzzles, and learn about how math relates to everyday life and situations!

Funbrain provides online books, games, and videos for kids from Pre-K through 8th grade. Interactive exploration games and popular series make this a fun choice for new knowledge!

Prodigy Math Games are designed to encourage practice and familiarity for kids in 1st through 8th grades. Kids will create a character who adventures on a unique journey, learning math skills along the way!

The Khan Academy is a nonprofit learning center that strives to provide personalized learning for all ages and all backgrounds from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Tackle not just math but also science, history, and art!

Want to give your brain a workout? Visit the Math Playground, where kids from Kindergarten through 6th grade can play math games and read related stories, sharpening their skills through fun arcade sequences and mini-quizzes.

Science Resources

Learn about the world around us, from plants and animals to the movements of the stars and planets!

Try for games, animations, and interactive activities designed to help kids at every age learn about high-level scientific concepts. BrainPop's tools are study-proven to help students engage with and remember the material later, and they're fun, too!

Looking for a way to learn science at home? Head over to San Francisco's Exploratorium, which provides online learning and teaching resources for everything from science fair projects to homeschooling to planning your next field trip, and while you're there, take a look at their great online learning exhibits!

The NASA Kids' Club is the place to be for learning about space and space travel, planets, and our universe, directly from the people who study it most! Play games to learn about space exploration or try out some of their fun suggested activities to do at home - wherever you are, there's some science there!

Whether you love sharks and lions, want to learn more about coral reefs, or can't wait to hear about hurricanes, National Geographic for Kids is the perfect resource! Watch educational films, read online books and participate in interactive activities, and download information to try out at home or use for school projects.

Social Studies Resources

Learn about history, civics, or other cultures, from those right next door to those all the way across the planet!

CrashCourse is one of YouTube's best resources - a collection of free, high-quality educational videos taught by a wide variety of experts and specialists in partnership with Arizona State University. Your first classes are just the beginning!

Learn about government and civics with iCivics, an inventive, interactive online resource designed to teach kids about how the government works, what democracy means, and how they can get involved in their local communities and causes.

Time for Kids has all the exciting journalism, scholarship, and world knowledge of Time Magazine, designed with kids ages Kindergarten through 6th grade in mind! Learn about history, science, cultures, and new breakthroughs.

Love the Who Was? series? Try the Who Was Adventure, an interactive trivia app with over 5,000 questions and over 100 levels of adventure, during which kids learn information about famous inventors, scientists, leaders, and other historical figures.

Fun with Learning

No matter what you want to learn or which projects you’re excited about, you can always find something new to read, listen to, or watch!

Did you know you can start learning to write computer code today, from anywhere you have an internet connection? CodeAcademy provides free courses on everything from basic HTML to advanced AI, and welcomes kids new to technology to find out what it's all about.

If you've got a weird question or want to find out more about an unusual topic, How Stuff Works is a great resource! Learn about everything under the sun, from cultural movements to meteorology, from technology to religion. Free quizzes add to the fun!

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a free interactive platform where kids (and adults!) can learn about the resources at the Smithsonian and use them for their homework or personal projects. Create collections, download images, and if you're a parent, get some learning guidelines.

TED Talks are recorded live lectures on interesting topics - everything from ancient history to modern cryptocurrency. Search for a talk on a specific topic, or dive in and spend a few hours getting lost in the thousands of exciting videos on science, culture, and technology, all free to watch online.