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Disability Services

The North Miami Beach Public Library is dedicated to serving all our community members, including those who have disabilities or other challenges outside the mainstream. If you need accommodations that you do not see mentioned below, please reach out to the Library to find out more about how we can support you!

A blue Induction Loop ear symbol

The Library provides assistance to our Deaf and Hard of Hearing patrons via Induction Loop (provided by Sarabec). To access it, please switch your hearing aid to "T" or the loop program when you visit us!

An image of an electronic magnifier showing larger text inside a book

Struggling with tiny text or difficult-to-read materials? Visit us at the front desk to request a magnifier! The Library offers both electronic and plastic magnifiers for patron use.

An image of multiple letters with the words LARGE PRINT in the middle

The Library maintains a collection of Large Print books for our patrons with visual disabilities! Whether you want a thrilling beach read or a thoughtful biography, we've got you covered.

An image of an open book with a pair of headphones coming out of it

For patrons who prefer exclusively listening, the Library also collects audiobooks! Visit us to check out books on CD, or take a look at Libby for all the online audiobooks you can shake a stick at.

A photograph of the Library's Movio robot, a white plastic robot with a black LED display that resembles a smiling face

The North Miami Beach Discovery Library is pleased to provide access to a Sensory-Friendly Study Room for our child patrons! The Sensory Room is designed for kids with disabilities to have a safe, comfortable environment to visit the Library, use its services, and work with teachers or tutors at their own pace. Assistive items and technology in the Sensory Room include:

  • A Balance Cushion which allows patrons to choose between a smooth, soft sitting surface or a tactilely engaging one
  • A Sound Machine to allow patrons to control the noise in the Sensory Room, allowing gentle music, nature sounds, or white noise to help calm the nervous system
  • A Movio Interactive Robot, which provides preloaded sensory learning and calming exercises as well as calming social engagement
  • Emotion Cards, suitable for use for patrons to communicate their emotions and needs when nonverbal
  • Infinity and Fidget Cubes, providing noiseless tactile stimulation and regulation
  • A Beanbag Chair as well as hard chairs to provide different seating solutions for different needs
  • A Weighted Blanket for grounding, pressure, and other nervous system calming needs

The Sensory Room is also equipped with whiteboards and markers for nonverbal communication and tutoring. Please visit our Reserve a Room page for more information on how to reserve the Sensory Room in advance, or feel free to ask at the front desk or in the Children's Section to see if it is free on a walk-in basis.