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Welcome to the Library! We are thrilled that you are interested in attending one of our events, and hope to see you soon!

The Library maintains the following policies when it comes to attending programs:

  • Please be respectful of and patient with our special guests, presenters, and library volunteers.
  • Please adhere to presenters/Library staff's guidelines for each program. Many programs may require special rules (for example, if a live animal is participating in an event, there may be additional rules to ensure everyone's safety).
  • Please do not bring outside food or drink to a program, as this violates Library policy. The Library may provide snacks or drinks for some events at librarian discretion.
  • Please do not bring animals to Library programs (with the exception of active service animals), as this may cause problems with a program's activities or prevent other patrons with allergies or animal concerns from participating.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for a public place and for participating in the program in question. Patrons who are wearing clothing or jewelry that may pose a danger to them or others (for example, attempting to participate in a lawn game while wearing shoes with spikes on them) may not be able to participate.
  • Please maintain appropriate personal hygiene when attending a program, for the health and comfort of those around you.
  • Please avoid talking or making undue noise during programs or presentations. If you must have a verbal or phone conversation during a program, please step out of the program's room or area to avoid disturbing other patrons. (If you need help getting out of the room or an enclosed area, Library staff will be glad to assist you.)
  • Patrons who are younger than 10 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian at all times; the Library does not provide general childcare and they cannot be dropped off or otherwise attend the program on their own. (Please keep in mind that if you need to step out of the program and are accompanying a child, the child will need to step out with you.)
  • Please register for programs that require registration on the Library's website. We cannot guarantee that we will have space or materials to accommodate walk-ins at these events, so registering as soon as possible is always best!
  • Some programs (for example, art openings or musical performances) may take place in the open areas of the Library instead of in enclosed rooms, which may mean more noise and activity in the normally quiet parts of the building. Patrons who do not wish to participate in the program are encouraged to ask Library staff for help if they need a different area in which to work or study.
  • Please keep in mind that while programs are sometimes held outside of the Library's normal business hours, this typically means that the Library is merely hosting an event and is not actually open. We may not be able to provide everyday services such as checkouts or study room reservations until the next scheduled open time.
  • If you require assistance in the Library, please visit the front desk to ask for help; staff members who are leading or participating in programs are usually not able to also provide reference or reservation services until the program concludes.
  • All members of our community are welcome at events as long as they adhere to these guidelines, regardless of status or place of residence.